Seal Advantages

The advantages to use Seal are:

? Maintain your competitive edge
? Overcome uncompetitive domestic costs
? Expand your production capacity without adding new buildings and machinery
? Avoid shifting your own operations to low-cost countries
? Add new items to your line at a deep discount on tooling and start-up costs
? Preserve business and profit margins
? Increase your sales

    ? Maintain your company focuses on sales & marketing while Seal manages your development and manufacturing with accountability.


Seal builds success into every Asian manufacturing project by providing:
? Financially secure international standing and sound reputation
? Business with China factories and component suppliers since 1987
? Bi-lingual personnel with business and production backgrounds
? Dedicated staff in China covering all Asian resources
? Factory sources that are known, pre-qualified and regularly audited

    ? Verification of quality standards followed with inspections during production and prior to shipment

? Face-to-face problem-solving – before products leave their shipping ports
? Delivered prices with all import costs pre-paid by Seal
? Complete shipping arrangements to your warehouse